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My name is Scheherazade. I was born in 1968 in Ghent, Belgium. Because of my Belgo-Algerian roots, ever since my childhood I have been attracted to a nomadic lifestyle. As a student and long after my graduation as a master in African languages and history, I have been travelling around the world.

My talent for mosaic work got a boost and became more finetuned and influenced by different cultures. Since 1998 I create mosaic art pieces for both private clients and local authorities in Belgium and abroad. The materials I use include ceramics, glass, shells, natural stones and found objects.


Bi glass disks (50cm - 65cm diameter)

    A bi-disk is a flat rounded stone disk, with an opening in the centre. It is mostly made out of semi-precious stones such as Jade, Rose Quartz, Agate, Amethyst but also from glass and stone. They can be found in several cultures : Chinese, Mayan, Indonesian and even the Celts and the Old Germans had them.

In Ancient China they were put on the chest of the deceased to accompany them on their journey to the beyond. They were considered as a holy geometrical form. While meditating on them, they can bring you into other dimensions. They are gates which connect the physical (3 dimensional) reality with the spiritual world.

In our Western culture, people are more and more discovering the value of its beneficial effects. It has huge healing powers and can be applied for therapeutic purposes. In addition a bi-glass disk has transforming capacities. Placed or hung where energies are stagnating by earth lines or water sources, it can be dissolved by a disk.

Mosaic ‘bi-glass disks’ reminds us of the human energy centres called ‘chakras’. Currently I’m working on a series of bi-glass disks in many different shades, colours and patterns.  As I’ve been working since many years as a mosaic artist, I let myself be taken by this new wave of inspiration. They are made out of different kinds of glass, such as mouth blown Lamberts glass, (iridescent) Spectrum glass, etc…

Varens Castle

The castle owner gave me ‘carte blanche’ to decorate a bathroom in his marvellous castle. I asked Johan Loncke, a friend, to assist me. The lamps on the ceiling are made out of epoxy. All the decorative elements are related to water.

Oriental vibes

I had to conceive an Oriental styled bathroom. So I decided to create a 1001 Nights atmosphere, using ceramic tiles and tadelakt lime (a Moroccan traditional craft).

Angelic Realm  (1m20 x 1m30)

Mirror frame made out of californian iridescent glass and brazilian glazed tiles.

Corridor (15m x 1m20)

I’m very grateful I had again the opportunity to work with the interior designer Jean-Philppe Demeyer. My assignment was to design a funky anglo-saxon, asymmetric & organic pattern. Without the consistent effort of this fabulous team I couldn’t ever realize this project. Damme (near Bruges) 

Baobab boa

Boa serpent in relief decorated with mosaic made out of californian glass and tiles. Co-production Charley Case painted the Baobab tree in chinese ink.Matonge, Brussels

ILE & AILE (4meters long)

I was invited by friends who own a house on the small Greek island Ikaria which has amazingly the shape of a wing. They asked me to make a mosaic out of a mirror representing Icarus’ wings.
I added some Californian iridescent glass to give the wings some extra magic. The wingspan is about 4 meters long in diameter. My dear friend artist, Charely Case, made the mural around the mosaic.

Interior hall (2m50 x 3m80)

Own design inspired by Celtic patterns. When the mosaic will be mounted on the floor it will contrast with fishbone motive plastered walls. Mosaic made out of traditional cement tiles. Realized with a small team. Damme (near Bruges)

Multi colored mirror mosaic around bonfire (2m x 2m)

A mosaic made out of mouth-blown and industrial mirror glass. It is as if the 4 elements are represented as splashing water, fire, air and earth reflectors. Commissioned by interior designer Jen-Philippe Demeyer. 

Byron Bay, Australia

Living in Australia, I took the opportunity to learn from Colin Heaney. He is considered one of Australia’s greatest and most innovative glass artist. He gave me the liberty to be creative and embellish his personal space, called ‘the Water Palace’. It is regarded by many as Byron’s most beautiful house. The results of my creations are shown in the photos.

Flower of Life (0,80m x 1m20)

Table top with ‘Flower of Life’ geometrical figure composed of multiple evenly-shaped, overlapping circles. This figure forms a flower-like pattern with the symmetrical structure of a hexagon. Mosaic made out of uroboros and californian glass. Each peace has been handcut, grinded/polished


Entrance hall (2m70 x 2m70)


I decorated 3 frames of mirrors for O’meraude eco-lodge, at the ‘Mer d’Emeraude’, North Madagascar. I found hundreds of beautiful sea shells on the beaches… so I couldn’t resist to create something with it.

A wall full of mirrors (2m60 x 3m10)

Through the well known interior designer, Jean-Philippe Demeyer, I got an assignment to decorate a wall around a fireplace in a marvelous art-deco house. I’ve been asked to make a mosaic of fragmented mirrors. The cutting of the mirror into precise and delineated geometric shapes fits perfectly into this decorative art style.

Rainbow vortex (0,85m 2m10)

On this table top 2 galaxies meet each other, showing off their spectral colourful energies. Materials used : ceramic tiles and Californian glass.

Community Project's

Pierkespark, Ghent, Belgium

After travelling in Brazil I got inspired by the Chilean born artist Selaron. In 2006 I made an application for a social-cultural project to enhance the urban landscape in my hometown through the art of mosaic. The city of Ghent, Belgium, got funding for this initiative by The European Community, which was going to be realised in a public park. I started to conduct this huge mosaic project (total surface = 179m2) the first week of May 2010.

Together with everybody who felt to contribute to this project, we covered paths and benches with colourful mosaics. I was asked to bring a Mediterranean atmosphere through my design.

I chose for organic elements, such as flowing lines from where the protecting eye of Fatima arises, dynamic waves and sand dunes with a sky full of stars. After 3 springs and 3 summers we finished this fabulous project. The last piece was laid on the 29th of september 2012


Somebody was inspired by a former mosaic project (Pierkespark) in Ghent, and got a citizen budget funding from the city administration. They asked me to conduct the project. I chose for floral design since it is located at the entrance of a little park. Neighbours from all ages participated and put their soul into it. Yesterday we finished the top of the bench. Will be continued next spring.

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